Observing Humanity


Perception beyond the general consensus of social behavior.
Author Dwight Edward Robinson


State of Chaos

All modernized societies seem to be in such a frenzied hurry these days. Like they’re really late for an appointment or a date. In the city where I reside, three-fifths of the people I see on the streets have a mobile phone stuck to their head, even the ones driving. If the cell towers suddenly stopped working chaos would ensue instantly.

Driving in traffic is already chaotic especially during the workweek rush hours. At the last second, a car zips into my lane only inches away from the front of my car causing me to abruptly slam the break to the floor. Or, from a cross street intersection when they dart onto the street in front of me even when no cars are behind me. It’s like they just couldn’t waited a few more seconds for me to pass by, or they did it on purpose.

Driving to the store is like competing in a high-speed, high-stake, obstacle course race track event. That is with the exception of traffic jam which are excessively agonizingly irritating. Thank goodness we have smart phones, right.

Would someone please tell me what the message is in the clothing style worn by our young men today? Everyone knows the meaning and where it originated. That message is very clear, but I can’t understand why all of them do it. Sagging is the most self-degrading, disrespectful, unsanitary form of expression ever conceived. Why can’t they understand that they are exhibiting the exact insulting stereotypical behavior certain parts of society attributes to them? There is absolutely no pride or swag in showing your (____) butt.

Let’s talk about the music, which used to be enjoyable until the musical art form of Rap emerged. In the beginning it was sincere and creative, many phenomenal poets have emerged since its inception. Unfortunately, the music industry has allowed it become vulgar, aggressive, offensive, threatening, filled with negativity, self-superiority, hatred and greed.

These lyrics are expressive of the social degradation occurring today, and though they are gifted, their unrefined minds rhyme words of the anger and defiance that is within them. Delivered by a repetitious, excessively loud bottom tone mind numbing beat, it’s reminiscent of a torture method, or a systematic form of social brainwashing? My instincts lead me to believe that the latter can be true.

As adults we all should possess a fundamental understanding of life, certainly about the aspects of our own individual lives. What frustrates me, is that we are supposed to be the wise, empathetic intellectuals of our species. Yet here we are allowing the relentless slaughter, starvation and displacement of millions of our citizens every minute of every day. This behavior is distinctly insane. The children see this, and they are following in our footsteps as we lead, or not, by example. They have become killers of each other and of us.

This is the 21st Century. If this trend of violence and hatred continues unabated, full-fledged chaos will result and our futures will not be long or prosperous. We dare not sink deeper into this abyss for fear of no return. Our mutual survival, all of humanities survival, relies on billions of mature adults making the correct, informed, conscientious, wise, logical and most efficient decisions possible for our species to survive and to prosper as was intended for us.

Who would like to begin?

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